Our history

The history told by the managers.

« Pastry, just the way I like it »

An American passion….

In the 80’s, an authentic Cookie Shop in Montparnasse.
Behind the counter, two young Americans, Heather and Sean Mac Evoy, with large smiles and arriving directly from their native Colorado, had a singular passion: introduce us to Cookies, Muffins, Brownies, Pecan Pies and Crumbles from their region!

All the ingredients were present: the atmosphere, the colours, the soft texture, the flavours and the indefinable scent of American pastries. It is a success. People come from all over Paris for a gourmet moment with a scent of the US.

The years go by and success….success….success.

Extremely quickly, the Cookie Shop can no long keep up with customer demand. The company moved to the east side of Paris, where larger space was found and irony of fate, was close to Disneyland Paris.

Love at first sight

It is this new workshop that Antoine and Stéphane Deschamps discover. And hardly through the doorway, it is love at first sight for both of them.

“In February 2000, we were tasting a cookie made from pure butter with dark chocolate chunks, a real delight!… when Heather and Sean told us of their plan to return to the US.
Quickly, we decided to take over the business and pursue this fabulous story.”

Colorado Cookie. The adventure…

From that moment on, only one obsession drives them.
Produce according to the original intuition: a simple and handcrafted preparation, high quality ingredients, and authentic pastries.
Loose nothing of the original spirit of our Cookie Shop.

Year after year, by continuous investment, as much in the team, as in the R&D, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing process, the company never stops improving.
This makes Colorado Cookie, the partner that responds best and in the shortest delay to the growing demand and constant evolution of French and international clients alike.

And always and more than ever, in the respect of its original spirit combining high quality and authenticity.
Today, the Colorado Cookie teams are comprised of more than 80 employees and operate a high preforming factory, equipped with state of the art technology and an integrated pastry laboratory.
The laboratory’s mission is to associate in gourmet alchemy, the respect of the traditional recipes with a creative touch.

Drawing on this clear and proactive strategy, Colorado Cookie has become recognised, to the immense pleasure of all, as the undisputed reference for American pastry and furthermore, for the sweet snacking universe, engaging fully in its pastry business and constantly creating new recipes.

Forever passionate…towards a whole new level….

In 2010, UNIGRAINS take a stake in the capital of the company and by their side, accompany them in their development.
In 2017, Antoine and Stéphane Deschamps meet Christian Tacquard, an entrepreneur who is passionate about industrial success stories and they decide to join forces with his family company GALAPAGOS, which employs 600 collaborators and operates in the field of biscuits and pasta industry.

Today, within a new partnership, Colorado Cookie, their new associates and their teams are driven by a passion and a shared imperative: being respectful to mankind and of health and environment, offer consumers, in France, across Europe and on other continents, high quality products using extensive industry know-how.