Our adventure

Our history

In 1980’s, an authentic Cookie Shop at Montparnasse.

Behind the counter, two young Americans Heather and Sean MacEvoy, with large smiles and arriving directly from their native Colorado had a singular passion: introduce us to Cookies, Muffins, Brownies, Pecan Pies and Crumbles from their region…

Rows of cookies

Our ambition

Regale all the gourmands.

Rich with our know-how in French confection and our pronounced innovative spirit, our Mission is to manufacture high quality pastries.

Cookies in the oven

Our company

Colorado Cookies manufactures American pastries in France for the catering and restaurant industry by harmoniously combining the creativity and talents of our employees with cutting-edge technology.

Plate of american pastries

Our history

American flag

The story begins in Paris: two young Americans open a cookie shop where they produce homemade Cookies, Muffins, Brownies, Crumbles…. Under the brand Colorado Cookie Co.

The recipes were such a success that there was a need to enlarge the production capacity to satisfy our client’s gourmandise. The company moved to Chelles.

Manufactury of cookies
Cookies year 2000

Passionate about the pastry industry, Antoine and Stéphane Deschamps purchase Cookie Creations to develop, innovate and invest in the industrial equipment.

Unigrains, a capital investment company, attracted by the company’s potential, take on 12.5% of the capital.

Logo unigrains
Logo galapagos

New partnership with the Galapagos Group.

  • Our core business

    Manufacture American pastries incorporating French pastry know-how

  • Our key figures

    2600 T of pastry products/ 14 M Turnover

  • Our Collaborators

    80 employees

  • Our commitment

    Respect for the environment/Quality policy and code of ethics/ Site certified BCR since 2006/Other client certifications

  • Our values

    Client and consumer satisfaction/Guarantee consistent quality of our products and services/Employee well being

  • Where to find us ?

    Present in France & internationally